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iotaMed suite

iotaMed suite

iotaMed is a suite of products for issue-based medical care.


Consulting services

We help you do your own healthcare related IT projects and do them right.


Development services

iotaMed adapts and extends to fit the needs of the customer.

iotaMed implements a series of tools to make the physician's work more consistent and repeatable. The basic idea is that the medical record is better replaced by a suite of products to assist the doctor in providing care, instead of merely recording what he has done.

Our unique in-house skills will save you huge amounts of time and money. Let us develop your healthcare IT project so your customers will enjoy a much more useful end product. Adding our talents to your own is a very smart move.

For each new adaptation and application of iotaMed, the product suite gains additional capabilities, almost all of which will be available to other existing and future users.