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MITM - Man in The Middle AB was founded on the idea to improve practical medical care at the point of care. The lack of proper tools in medical care to select diagnostic and therapeutic interventions is highly disturbing, while it is obvious, at least to us, that current development projects don't even go in the right direction. There is an amazing lack of vision in general in this area, and we intend to change that.

Can you imagine an accounting program that doesn't know what money is? Can you imagine an architect designing houses using only email? Can you imagine an air traffic controller using only signal flags to talk to his planes? All of these examples sound absurd, but this is what current electronic medical record systems work like, by analogy. If you think there is something seriously wrong with a market where only very mediocre systems compete in a race to the bottom of useability, then you may appreciate what we're trying to do with iotaMed.

iotaMed is based on the idea that patients have diseases or problems (we call them "issues") and that is what the medical record should be based on. It should also help us manage these issues according to current standards. We're putting "issues" into "medical records", just as others have put "money" into "accounting systems".


MITM AB is based on talented and knowledgeable people with the following strengths:

  • Many years of experience in general medicine, surgery, and ICU
  • High level capability in software design and implementation
  • Strong proven knowledge of IT security and protocols
  • Strong scientific base (we have two PhDs in math on staff)
  • Multicultural and multilingual (English, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Persian, and Dutch)

Our team

Martin Wehlou, CEO

Martin has been a medical doctor and a developer for more than 30 years. He was trained in general and vascular surgery, intensive care, trauma, and general practice. He also holds the CISSP and CSDP certifications. He is the main designer and developer for the iotaMed suite, and is one of the co-founders of the company.

Hania Uscka-Wehlou, COO

Hania studied theoretical mathematics in Poland, and defended her PhD at Uppsala University in 2009. She received the Benzelius Prize for her PhD thesis. She is one of the co-founders of MITM AB and works actively in the company since August 2010. She works as developer and marketing manager, while having the COO title. Hania speaks Polish, Swedish, Dutch, English, and some Russian.

Piotr Perzanowski, Developer

Piotr is Master of Science in Forestry Science (University of Warsaw, Poland) and has done some courses in economy, too. He moved from Poland to Sweden in June 2009. He is the main developer for the iotaEd OSX application, and is part of the iOS iotaMed team as well. He has been involved in the development of iotaMed since October 2010.

Shiva Samieinia, Developer

Shiva studied mathematics in Shiraz in Iran, and came to Sweden in September 2005 where she did her PhD in mathematics at Stockholm University. She got her PhD degree in January 2011. She joined MITM AB in July 2011 and is a developer on the iotaMed iOS team.