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As a young company developing an entirely new category of products with far reaching consequences in medical practice, promising to move the frontiers of healthcare IT into the next century, we are only too happy to accept any awards you wish to give us. We pledge to list and publically appreciate them here on this page, ranked according to glory or financial advantage to us. Please use the contacts page to get in touch with us if you have anything of the kind to hand over.


Medical advances

Since our products improve diagnostic accuracy and treatment repeatability, while connecting evidence based medicine to frontline practice, we suggest you award us any prices you may have for advances in medical care.

User interface design

Our products are very suitable for being awarded medals for excellence in user interface design. You may already have concluded that there is no such thing as user interface design in medical IT, and we wouldn't blame you if you do, but now you do have a company you can give your prize to instead of giving up.

Coding standards
If you have a store of code standards awards to hand out, don't miss our open source archives. You will find more than enough reasons to give most, if not all, your awards to us.

The Allen Cobb GSL Award

We were extremely gratified to receive the coveted "Allen Cobb Great Site Launch Award" just hours after making this site public. We want to show our sincere appreciation for this award by giving this paragraph top posting on our awards page.