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Where do I find the source?

The source code will be found on github after release of every major version. Look for the organisation "iotaMed" and the projects under that umbrella.

How can I contribute to the project?

You can always ask, but if you're not that kind of person, register your own account on github and "fork" our projects. Once you've checked in your code to your own account, let us know and we'll merge them into the main development line.

Can I use the source in my own projects?

Yes, you can, provided you adhere to the license requirements. See the "Licensing" tab for more information.

What kind of file formats?

We have defined several XML file formats, for instance for the issue templates, the issue worksheets, and the patient record. You need to conform to these file formats, or to any format that is easily convertible to and from our file formats.

Can I make you use my file formats?

Sure, if they're great, why not? If your file formats are too non-standard or hard to maintain, we may expect you to provide us with a transformation to a more standard form, though.

What kind of systems do you interconnect with?

Primarily, we interconnect with legacy electronic medical records to import and export legacy records. We also use that interconnection to create referrals, lab orders, electronic prescriptions, and miscellaneous messages. We also use the same interface to retrieve replies to referrals, lab results, lists of minimal clinical data, appointments, and more.

Why is that great for legacy vendors?

It's great for legacy vendors since it allows them a greatly expanded reach of functionality without doing much work. It also allows them to refer other vendors to these interface standards when clients want to expand their systems, instead of having to support a whole series of custom interfaces.

Why is that great for other contractors?

Other contractors can now hook into our APIs at both ends, that is to our iotaMed system and to the legacy EMR system implementing our APIs. This opens a market for smaller contractors to develop custom systems for customers who already have a major legacy EMR installed.

Which platforms do you develop for?

Our platform of choice is iOS and OSX, simply because they're insanely great and exceptionally suitable for the purpose. We're also developing for web platforms. Windows is our third choice, and we have extensive experience on Windows and .NET.

What is the license for iotaMed open source?

The parts of iotaMed that are open sourced, which is the core product itself, are covered by the BSD three clause license.

Is everything you do open sourced?

No, not necessarily. For instance, our issue template editor, iotaEd, is closed source and we sell this product to end-users. We plan to create more proprietary products as the market evolves. The core products, however, remain open source.

What exactly is trademarked?

We have a trademark registered for the name "iotaMed"

Can I use that trademark?

You can use the trademark "iotaMed" for your own product, but it requires our written permission to do so.

Ok, so how do I get your permission to use it?

Contact us for the procedure. If you have a product line that is compatible with the file formats we use and the APIs we define, you will almost certainly get our permission to use the trademark. We will expect you to use the trademark to indicate conformance to a de facto standard, making it clear to your customers that you are cooperating with us and others to make their life easier, and to improve interchange of medical data.

How much does it cost?

The use of the trademark as such is free, as long as you have our permission to use it. Any work we need to do for you in connection with this process will not be for free, but in many cases, no such work will need to be done.