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The iotaMed Suite

The iotaMed series of applications interoperate around patient care. Different parts of iotaMed interact with the physician, the patient, the medical experts, the legacy system, and delegated care providers.

iotaMed client

The iotaMed client can be used on the iPad, in a browser, or on another mobile platform. It is the primary tool the doctor or specialized nurse uses to interact with the iotaMed system. If the client is on a standalone system such as the iPad, it allows read-only access to legacy records, while posting any new data to the legacy system via the iotaMed servers. The way the iotaMed client interacts with legacy systems differs according to the environment where it runs. The primary implementation of the iotaMed client is on the iPad and on that platform it interacts only with an iotaMed base server which in turns interacts with the legacy system and the outside world.

The iotaMed client provides a set of issue templates from which the doctor can choose which ones should be instantiated for a particular patient. It also provides the list of instantiated templates, called "issue worksheets" for the patient, and a view that lets the doctor interact with the worksheets. Additionally, the client provides views to retrieve lab results, referrals and answers, legacy EMR notes, medication lists, and minimal clinical data from legacy systems. It also provides import and export functions for worksheets being exchanged with the myIota client.

myIota client

The myIota client is somewhat similar to the iotaMed client, but is limited to worksheets that have been exported from the iotaMed system. After entering data, these worksheets can be re-exported to iotaMed. The myIota client is suitable for patients, offering them a selective view into their medical record while at the same time providing structured input into the iotaMed system. Such structured input could include self measurements of glycemia, pain estimations in joints, wound status, physical exercise statistics, and more. The actual content types and structure are determined by the issue templates that are created by iotaEd and managed for the patient using iotaMed.

The myIota client is especially well-suited for delegated care, such as home care situations, or management of diseases far from medical centers. For example, one could export a template for TBC care and follow-up to a myIota client, which could then be used for management of these patients by nurses in far-flung locations. These mobile-care providers would report back to a central location using the Export Worksheet function and the data would them be merged into the central records. Since the export is entirely asynchronous, it can be done over any online or offline data carrier as a simple file transfer.


iotaEd editor

The iotaEd editor is used by doctors to compose issue templates or to adapt them to changing guidelines or local conditions. This editor removes all the technical details and considerations, making it easy for the user to concentrate on the medical scientific content of the template. Only those physicians who are responsible for clinical guidelines need use this editor.

iotaMed servers

iotaMed on the iPad uses a server which can provide connectivity for a number of iPads simultaneously. One such server with a cluster of iPads can work as a stand-alone unit. It is also possible to work entirely stand-alone with just a disconnected iPad in situations like home calls without network connectivity.

In most cases, however, the iotaMed client cluster will interact with local and regional iotaMed services, allowing tracking and updating of clinical guidelines and feedback to regulatory agencies on incidences and prevalence of conditions for which guideline templates are in use. Other iotaMed services include interconnect to external healthcare providers, exchange of records, dictation and translation services.



The iotaKid application provides custom made tools for follow-up in child care, prividing growth curves, standard vaccination schedules, and more. The unique iotaMed issue template format allows you to customize these care guidelines any way you need for your practice or for specific groups of patients. The iotaKid application is in early development and more info will be forthcoming at a later date.

iotaMed Web

The iotaMed Web project is an implementation of the standard iotaMed client for browsers and runs on any client platform. iotaMed Web is in early development and more info will be forthcoming at a later date.