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Works for every platform

iotaMed is intended to work on all platforms, either as a native client on iPads, or as a browser client on other platforms. Several EMR vendors have already expressed interest in implementing an iotaMed client inside their own EMR systems as well.

iOS - iPad

The primary implementation of the iotaMed client is on the iPad, running on iOS. No patient data is kept on the iPad, since all data is received and sent immediately to an OSX server which in turn can manage a number of different iPads simultaneously. The OSX machine, in turn, talks to legacy EMR systems and external services, and may run an MS Windows instance if needed to make this integration easier.

Browser based

We are in the process of creating a browser based client with the same functionality of the iPad iotaMed client. This client will have provisions for both touch-based and conventional keyboard-and-mouse interfaces. The backend web server will provide the functionality that the OSX server provides when used with the iPad client. Android tablets and other mobile devices will be able to access the web-based iotaMed services.

Integrated in legacy EMR

Legacy EMR vendors can implement an iotaMed client using their own platform, language, and interface patterns. As long as the iotaMed workflow and file structures are preserved, the interchange of templates and patient data should present no problems. Two vendors have already expressed interest in building their own desktop iotaMed client, while at the same time providing an interface for our iPad iotaMed client, giving the users an unprecedented degree of freedom and functionality.


Since the iPad client for iotaMed is open source under a very liberal license, other shops are encouraged to port the code to other desktop and mobile platforms. If you port the code and take care to preserve both functionality and compatibility with our APIs and file formats, while making it beautiful and effective enough to make us all proud, you will also be given permission to call it "iotaMed compatible".