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Pilot project for management of ankle trauma

In this project, we are partnering with the Orthopaedics department of the Academic Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden (Akademiska Sjukhuset)

The management of ankle trauma in an ER setting isn't always straightforward. A number of clinical signs need to be recorded, and there are some standard radiography orders that need to be written, depending on clinical signs and type of patient. If there is an actual fracture, it needs to be classified into one of the AO groups and managed accordingly. In order to implement these guidelines into iotaMed, we had to provide graphics capabilities to make the matching of an actual fracture to one of the standard types easier. In this project, we work offline, so we don't connect iotaMed to the legacy EMR system, but use it as a powerful guideline management tool. The project is ongoing.

Akademiska Sjukhuset i Uppsala

Front-end to SYSteam Cross

We partnered with SYSteam to interface our iotaMed iPad application to their Cross EMR application and showed the online retrieval of minimal clinical data in ICD-10 format and clinical lab data at the Vitalis Conference in Gothenburg in April 2011. In this project we interfaced with the standard SOAP services provided by Cross.


Pathcare integration

This is an exploratory project examining the feasibility of Pathcare private social networking technology to connect patient-mediated data with doctors utilizing the iotaMed client for the doctor and the myIota client for patients. The Pathcare private social network forms the link allowing doctor and patient to exchange data from the medical record, treatment guidelines, and feedback from the patient to the doctor. The data is exchanged as iotaMed issue worksheets. Initially, the project will concentrate on the management of diabetic and Parkinson patients at home.