IPSME- Idempotent Publish/Subscribe Messaging Environment (pre-print)

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IPSME- Idempotent Publish/Subscribe Messaging Environment (pre-print)

The IPSME conventions has been published as a pre-print: IPSME- Idempotent Publish/Subscribe Messaging Environment

The integration of disparate systems is required in the domain of Cyber Physical Systems, applied to Massive Multiuser Virtual Environments e.g., computer video games and health-care applications. The problem of integrating systems that this article addresses is summarized as: 1) interoperability, getting highly disparate systems to communicate with minimal change to each system; 2) semantic mapping, designing communication so as to alleviate part of the complexity behind resolving semantic heterogeneity; and 3) scalability, finding a solution that allows for interoperability, while also being scalable. A publish/subscribe system is often cited as a communication infrastructure that enables data access and sharing over disparate systems, but various properties such as expressiveness or those related to quality of service often hamper interoperability, and in turn the scalability required for wide-area networks. A set of conventions describing an Idempotent Publish/Subscribe Messaging Environment (IPSME) are introduced to facilitate the communication avoiding the requirement of standardization, alleviating some complexity of resolving semantic heterogeneity, and without sacrificing scalability.

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