iotaMed Specific

iotaMed Specific



The iotaMed suite of products is intended to work in conjunction with existing EMR and communications products, assisting and enhancing their functionality. We provide support for development of the necessary interfaces, and are able to do some or all of the integration work for you. If you do not have an existing EMR and communication structure in place, we can coordinate the systems integration process for you, both to our systems and existing systems already in place. Read more about integration as a service.

Guideline Development

The iotaMed suite is based on specifically adapted clinical guidelines. The content of the clinical guidelines is entirely under your control, but it is crucial that they are structured appropriately for clinical use. We are uniquely positioned to help create your guidelines with the optimal structure and at the same time train your maintainers in the creation and maintenance of your own set of guidelines. We are also more than happy to provide a long-term service of adapting guidelines from your clinical principles into a form suitable for iotaMed.

Online Services

One of the fundamental tenets of the iotaMed suite is the distribution and derivation of clinical guidelines on a larger scale, with interoperability between competing vendors of the underlying EMR system. The distribution of clinical guidelines and the collection of data for epidemiology and national registries are coordinated and enabled through a suite of online services that we provide for you. These services makes it very easy for you to be updated on the latest evidence-based findings, while providing regulatory data without having to create a new technical infrastructure.