IT Security

IT Security


A secure system is designed and built that way. From the earliest requirements questions of “what” and “why”, to the design questions of technology and segmentation, to the final decisions about design, implementation, testing, and – not least – monitoring, a “security mindset” results in not only secure solutions, but solutions that fail in a safe manner, and are usually much more stable and economical in use. A secure design pays in so many ways, not only in the avoidance of embarassment and losses, but in more effective, performant, and flexible systems that will last longer and make you proud.

Secure by Design

A system cannot be secure by itself. It must mesh with the user domain, the business purposes, in such a way as not to hinder the users in their work, while still maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the information forming the basis of the business. This absolutely requires that the chief architects of the systems be intimately familiar with not only information security in general and information technology, but also with the actual business. Ideally, these architects should be healthcare workers and information security experts rolled into one, when it comes to designing secure systems for healthcare.

Code security review

Since we can’t be the creators of all healthcare systems out there, we will have to do what is second best, namely scrutinize the already existing code systems and provide insights into vulnerabilities, and general architectural weaknesses. At the same time, we are also able to show you how you can make your systems more effective, more flexible, and more secure in a multitude of ways that may have been missed during initial design and implementation.

Review of tenders

We can contribute our expertise in helping you formulate requests for proposal, and help you sort out what the proposals actually say, and more importantly, what they don’t say. We can help you understand the business and security implications for healthcare of the proposals you let us review for you.