Medical IT

Medical IT


We have extensive knowledge in the domain of Medical IT; design and development is done using the experience of having been a medical practitioner.

Strategizing the Big Picture

If you are a medical systems vendor, or a regulatory organization, you need our unique insight into the evolution of healthcare IT, what works, and what does not. Our strongest point is our knowledge of the past, our vision of the future, and our ability to implement that vision of the future into real systems.

Usability Design

In the medical domain, usability is the most important, and most neglected, feature of any system. Simplicity rules, but you have to know firsthand how far you can simplify. We understand the workflows and the crucial attention points and we can help you create the right mix of features and elegant solutions.

Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering can only be done by engineers with extensive knowledge of the problem domain. You can’t simply sit down with doctors at a table and expect to capture the real requirements. When you need to establish requirements for an IT system in a medical domain, we are your first choice as a partner.


When you need trouble-shooting in a failing project, mediating in a problematic conflict between a user organisation and a vendor, finding the best compromise solution, or solving a seemingly deadlocked argument about a healthcare IT system, we are your goto resource.

Additional services related to Medical IT
  • Adaptation of standards
  • Training of medical staff for better workflows
  • Keynote speaking about the future of healthcare IT
  • Usability testing and recommendations