EBM at Point of Care

EBM at Point of Care

Easy Guideline Creation

When you create or adapt guidelines based on new scientific discoveries, our tools let you do that design without having to see the technical nitty-gritty of how the interactive guidelines actually work. Our tools let you concentrate fully on how the guideline itself is built, taking care to make it useful to other physicians. We do the rest.

Guideline Distribution

Once you have created or adapted a guideline, our servers take care of distributing them according to speciality, region, and language. This allows the user to easily locate the most relevant guideline templates, while at the same time providing management with real-time information on actual use of the templates in medical practice.

Guideline Update Notification

As soon as a guideline is updated, the new version is distributed to the systems that have the old version in use. When a physician opens an issue worksheet, he will be made aware by the system that the underlying template (guideline) has been updated and he will be given the opportunity to review and apply those changes. This functionality has potentially huge consequences, since it reduces the time between new discoveries and practical application at the point of care with many years.

Inline Use

With iotaMed, medical guidelines aren’t something you look up every now and then, but they are the primary working tool for the physician, so it is always there, and it always helps. There is no problem anymore with having two separate working tools as we do today, with on the one hand the medical documentation, and on the other the guidelines. iotaMed fully integrates both functions into one smooth tool and workflow.